Serious Journalists Wanted for Milwaukee Magazine

The city of Milwaukee may be known for its beer brewing prowess, but its magazine wants to go beyond the fluff. Though you might find reviews of local brews in the pages of Milwaukee Magazine, the pub does not rely on lifestyle pieces. Sixty percent of its content comes from freelancers, and those with serious journalism chops will impress the editors. Cristina Daglas, who took the helm earlier this year, said “I am very focused on getting some new blood into the book.”

“We’re still really focused on the long-standing traditions of solid storytelling, investigative pieces and really good profiles,” said Daglas. It’s that commitment that distinguishes Milwaukee from other publications (both locally and across the country) that share city-centrism but lean more heavily on lighter journalistic fare.

“We are one of a handful of city magazines that is known for doing those hard stories, not shying away from investigative pieces, and not hanging our hats on any kind of lifestyle content,” she said.

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