Microsoft Demos Windows Phone 7.5 Video Chat on an HTC TITAN

Windows Phone 7.5 (“Mango”) and its associated devices are not available in the U.S. yet, but Microsoft is trying to whet appetites by revealing bits and pieces of information. While the Windows Phone 7 devices uniformly lacked front-facing cameras, some Windows Phone 7.5 devices will. Oddly, the video chat software used is not Skype which Microsoft bought earlier this year. Instead the video chat demo using an app and service from Tango.

HTC TITAN + Tango video chat

Skype does not currently have an app for Windows Phone 7. And, in fact, it pulled the app for Windows Mobile 6.x off their download list.

The HTC TITAN phone used int he video demo has a huge 4.7-inch display. This is just slightly smaller than the sub-tablet sized Dell Streak (an Android device) that had a 5-inch display and was ultimately not successful in the market.

Video courtesy of Windows Phone