Mentos & Coke Zero Fuel Rocket Car In 3D

In 2006, two unknown guys named Fritz and Stephen, who touted themselves as “Professional Diet Coke and Mentos Guys”, uploaded a YouTube video that would change their lives forever. Extreme Mentos & Diet Coke was a video of the guys creating a replica of the Bellagio Fountain using only Diet Coke and Mentos. The video took off, with over 11 million views to date. More successful experiments followed, but none as exciting as the duo’s newest video, in which Coke Zero and Mentos power a rocket car, and in 3D nonetheless!

In this latest video, which was uploaded to Fritz and Stephens YouTube Channel EepyBird two days ago, 108 two-liter bottles of Coke Zero and 648 Mentos are used to propel a vehicle, known as the Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car, 221 feet. How does this work? The duo explains in the video description: