Marking the Unofficial Pastime of Quarantine, McDonald’s Made a Burger Jigsaw Puzzle

If you're not out seeing ads, might as well assemble one at home

TBWA\Belgium developed a 500-piece burger jigsaw puzzle for McDonald's. TBWA/McDonald's Belgium

With most McDonald’s stores closed throughout Europe due to the coronavirus lockdown, many fast food fans are missing sinking their teeth into Big Macs and Quarter Pounders.

So to give them a distraction, TBWA\Belgium developed a 500-piece McDonald’s burger puzzle–jumping on the newfound popularity of jigsaws, which have fast become the unofficial quarantine pastime, as anyone who has managed to get their hands on one will know.

“Puzzling is the perfect way to kill time and calm you down in this stressful period,” the agency said in a statement announcing the puzzle. “This yummy-looking jigsaw puzzle counts 500 pieces, enough for hours of staring at ridiculously little pieces of melted cheese.”

The agency added an important note of caution, though: “But pay attention. Don’t eat it, complete it.”

Burger Jigsaw
Fancy spending hours poring over tiny images of meat and cheese? McDonald's has your back.

TBWA made 20 of the limited edition jigsaws and gave them away via an Instagram competition last week. To get their hands on one, fans had to share an image of the puzzle, say why they wanted one, and tag McDonald’s.

Creative Director: Jeremie Goldwasser
Art Director: David Maertens
Copywriter: Thomas Driesen
Social Creative: Anke Verhaegen
Account Executive: Elien Onclinx

@saramayspary Sara Spary is a freelance journalist based in London. She's been a reporter for eight years, covering advertising and consumer brands.