LivingSocial and Visa Announce 2-for-1 Deal on Cyber Monday

The group buying model is an incredible strategy for connecting businesses and deal hunters at the common table of discount. What’s exciting is that pioneers like LivingSocial are now innovating to create even better discounts for buyers, as evidenced by their latest deal with Visa for Cyber Monday.

For two weeks starting today, LivingSocial and Visa will allow users to buy a LivingSocial deal and receive a second one completely free. This is a pretty powerful idea, as typically a LivingSocial member is not able to control the quantity of deals they can buy on a certain day: they are restricted to 1. The second deal is meant to be given to friends and family, but I imagine a lot of internet hoarders are just going to stick this one in their own pocket.

The program is live in New York City and Buffalo, NY; San Francisco, CA; San Antonio and Houston, TX; Cleveland and Akron-Canton, OH; Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, FL; and Southern Connecticut. Shoppers in these markets can enjoy local experiences at a great value, like $20 of cupcakes in Akron-Canton, OH today for $10, and a $40 theater ticket in New York City for $20 or an $85 facial in Houston, TX for $25 tomorrow.

The entire program comes to us from LivingSocial’s advertising sales partner, appssavvy. The company is focused on using ‘social’ to bring brands and people together, and I think this latest move is a wise one. We’ll keep you posted on results data after the campaign is over.