Hoosier Daddy? Indiana Tops Sweet 16 Teams in Social Buzz

Indiana topped 500,000 digital engagements last Saturday, the day it disposed of Kentucky.

A No. 5 seed knocking off a No. 4 seed in the NCAA Tournament isn’t unusual, but when the University of Kentucky is the victim, social buzz takes off for the winner—in this case, Indiana University.

Data analytics firm ListenFirst Media found that the Hoosiers dominated online buzz from March 17 through 22 among squads that qualified for the Sweet 16 in the ongoing 2016 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship tournament, more than doubling the digital engagement rating of second-place University of Wisconsin.

ListenFirst Media analyzed engagements including likes, shares, comments and retweets across Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Wikipedia and YouTube from March 17 through 22, and its findings included:

  • Indiana topped 500,000 digital engagements last Saturday, the day it disposed of Kentucky.
  • Syracuse University has seen engagements rise 164 percent since the NCAA Tournament tipped off.
  • This photo (above) propelled Indiana to the No. 1 spot on Facebook during the time period analyzed by ListenFirst Media.
  • The University of North Carolina topped Instagram overall, but the photo (below) that drew the most engagement came from Wisconsin.
  • Duke University, the defending national champions, finished atop the Twitter list, but the tweet that drew the most buzz came from the Wisconsin Badgers.

ListenFirst Media’s digital engagement ratings for all 16 teams follow:

  1. Indiana: 1,073,124
  2. Wisconsin: 493,938
  3. North Carolina: 422,580
  4. University of Kansas: 258,426
  5. Duke: 245,339
  6. University of Maryland: 149,627
  7. University of Oklahoma: 144,431
  8. Syracuse University: 143,157
  9. Iowa State University: 122,767
  10. Texas A&M University: 115,672
  11. Villanova University: 114,867
  12. Gonzaga University: 106,938
  13. University of Notre Dame: 97,927
  14. University of Miami: 87,321
  15. University of Virginia: 86,442
  16. University of Oregon: 73,145

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