LinkedIn Just Added QR Codes and Translation of Posts

More than 60 languages are currently supported

Translations are powered by the Text Analytics API from LinkedIn parent Microsoft LinkedIn

LinkedIn announced two new features Thursday: QR codes to enable users to quickly find profiles of people they meet and instantly connect with them on the professional network, and translation of posts in more than 60 languages.

Senior product manager Alice Xiong said in a blog post that users can open their iOS or Android LinkedIn application and tap the QR code icon in the search box on the Home tab.

Scanning another user’s QR code will bring up that user’s profile. Users can also upload LinkedIn QR code images from their mobile devices.

Tapping “My code” will bring up a user’s own QR code, which they can share via iMessage, email or other apps (available now via iOS, coming to Android soon), or save to their photos.

Xiong wrote, “Gone are the days of requesting a business card, asking the person to spell their name or handing over your phone to make sure you found their profile. There are a bunch of creative ways you can use your LinkedIn QR code to build your professional community and continue your offline conversations online. For example, put your LinkedIn QR code on brochures and event materials, on your website, on conference badges or lanyards, in your email signature or directly on your resume.”

Senior product manager Zack Hendlin provided details on LinkedIn’s new translation feature in a separate blog post.

Hendlin said LinkedIn users will see the “See Translation” option based on signals including their language settings, the country they are accessing the professional network from and the languages on their profile.

Translations of posts in different languages are powered by the Text Analytics API (application-programming interface) from LinkedIn parent Microsoft, and the feature is available in more than 60 languages to “a majority” of global LinkedIn members on desktop and the mobile web, with iOS and Android to follow, as well as more languages.

Hendlin wrote, “As you make connections with clients who live in another country, co-workers located in a different office or people you meet at global industry events, we don’t want language to be a barrier to helping you maintain meaningful professional relationships. To help you keep in touch and understand all of the conversations happening in your LinkedIn Feed, we’ve now added the ability to see the translations of posts written in a different language. This has been one of the most requested features from all of you, and we’re excited to make it easier than ever to stay in touch with the people, companies and groups you care about—regardless of the language you speak.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.