Why Can't Facebook Likes Be Transferred Across Domains?

With the increasing popularity of the Facebook like button, many sites are trying to make sure their sites are configured properly for the Facebook Open Graph, in order to show up in search results and to increase overall site traffic. However, in contrast to site links which can be redirected with 301 redirects, there’s no way to transfer likes to another website. Instead, when a company decides to switch domains, all the likes that that site has built up over time are immediately erased.

In theory, Facebook’s system would be able to detect 301 redirects, however there is no documentation for such settings right now, and it’s pretty obvious that likes don’t transfer to new domains. Any developer of websites knows that changing domain names is a pretty common occurrence. While the service may not be available currently, it should be added at some point in the future if Facebook decides to manage a crawling system which regularly updates the Open Graph search features on the site.