Laura Frerer-Schmidt's Wellness-Centric Office

Women's Health vp, publisher Laura Frerer-Schmidt keeps a homey New York office that evokes clean, healthy living. It's only natural for an executive at Rodale, whose stable of magazine titles also includes Men's Health, Prevention and the new Organic Life (formerly Organic Gardening), which debuts April 14. A close look at Frerer-Schmidt's work space reveals that she is, among other things, always ready for a quick workout, and poring over the latest issue of Women's Health. Most notably, one finds reminders that she is a wife and mother—personal photos, drawings and notes are displayed all over, providing daily inspiration and a constant connection to family. Pointing to three messages from her husband behind her phone, Frerer-Schmidt explained: "The first is a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson about enthusiasm, the second is a quote from Carl Sagan about imagination, and the third is from Brian on our fourth anniversary: 'Four years, three apartments, two kids, one love.'"