Katie Couric Curates Ozy Daily Email Newsletter

Topics include Missing Richard Simmons and breast cancer victim Nina Riggs

You can read the Sunday March 26 edition of Ozy’s The Presidential Daily Brief. Or, if you prefer, you can listen to guest curator Katie Couric narrate her own words.

As fans of the recent First Look Media podcast Missing Richard Simmons, we were intrigued by a detail Couric includes in item #2, for which she links to a March 23 post-mortem by The Atlantic’s Sophie Gilbert. Couric has conducted a second upcoming interview with series host Dan Taberski, for her own podcast, garnering ‘his reaction to those who think he needs to do some soul-searching of his own.’

Certainly, if Taberski had to do the six-part series all over again, he might not grant as much air-time in Episode #3 to Simmons’ former friend, assistant and massage therapist Mauro Oliveira. It was Olivera’s outlandish claims of black magic and a tyrannical housekeeper that prompted an initial LAPD welfare check on Simmons, some time back, and once again after the claims were rebroadcast. Had Taberski couched Oliveira’s view more succinctly and strictly as an extreme example of just how difficult it has been for people close to Simmons to cope with the exercise guru’s withdrawal from the public eye, it might not have backfired as loudly.

Couric’s final curated item is the Sept. 24, 2016 New York Times essay that first introduced her to Nina Riggs. After reading that piece about the woman’s battle with breast cancer, Couric got in touch with Riggs via social media. Riggs passed away Feb. 26.; her memoir, The Bright Hour, will be published posthumously June 6.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.