Brazilian Politician José Serra Accidentally Drops F-Bomb, Gets Over 1 Million YouTube Hits

Yesterday an 8 second clip of Brazilian presidential candidate José Serra went viral on YouTube. As the video is in Portuguese, it was difficult for English speakers to understand just why this video was so popular. However, as it turns out, Serra is saying something along the lines of “I like him, I like his mom, I like his wife”, and so on. The problem? Apparently the Portuguese word for “like” is also a slang term for “f*ck”, leading to this video about how Serra wants to f*ck the whole world going viral. Talk about a political snafu!

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, went seriously viral yesterday. The original upload has over 1.1 million views and a slew of additional uploads of the clip add thousands of more views to the mix. What really struck me about this viral hit was the fact that, because it was entirely in Portuguese with no translations, the United States YouTube audience had nothing to do with the spread of this clip. These millions of views came from Brazilian Portuguese-speakers alone, which can be seen in the map on the YouTube audience stats for the video. YouTube is truly an international phenomenon.