Will Moving Back to the UK Ruin Designer Jonathan Ive's Career at Apple?

Almost two years ago, Apple‘s design guru Jonathan Ive caught a bit of flak for not commenting about the state of the product design industry in his native UK, something that some read as something of a slight. Now, however, it appears the tables might be turned just a bit. The tech world is abuzz that Ive’s days might be numbered at Apple after the reclusive designer requested that he’d like to spend more time in the UK and enroll their children in school there. The Daily Mail reports from a source that the company has said if Ive moves back to England, he would either no longer work for the company or his high-ranking position would dwindle to a very large degree. Of course, this being Apple, an organization that keeps its secrets far better than most countries across the world, all of this is entirely speculation. What is known, due to the release of public records, is that Ive is soon set to receive a very large chunk the company’s stock, to the tune of $25 million, which has more than doubled from when he was originally given those shares just three years ago. And as Ive regularly ranks fairly highly on lists of the richest of the British, even if he does decide to part ways with Apple, we have a feeling he won’t be hurting too badly. We have a feeling James Dyson would be making a social call around that time, too.