Jon Stewart’s Beef with Arby’s Makes for Good TV and Great PR

Nice work there, Arby's

arbys jon stewartIf you have watched The Daily Show for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen Jon Stewart hating on Arby’s. No one really knows why he has the home of Pharrell’s big hat in his crosshairs.

Maybe it’s surreptitious paid advertising. Perhaps Stewart was the victim of some vicious food poisoning. Whatever the reason, it’s very amusing.

For the past couple of years, the sliced meat impresario has been the subject of Stewart’s jokes whenever he can fit in a joke about “faux meat” or even stomach troubles (which politics have been known to create). So, upon learning of the host’s pending departure and the rift it will create among late-night talk shows, Arby’s held its chin up, offered Stewart another source of income, and won the Internet:

Stewart did what you would think: He called them out on national TV and continued to promote the famed love/hate relationship.

Indigestion fail? Maybe. PR Win? Definitely!