Jobs Of The Day: Observer Media Group Seeks Designer To Work On Luxury Publication

The Observer Media Group seeks a freelance graphic designer to work on an unnamed luxury publication.

This is the company that is turning a profit this year (yay!) and whose CEO doesn’t take any guff. According to the NY Post, when an anonymous rival expressed doubt that the company is actually going to be profitable (and said he’d “eat his hat in front of Macy’s” if he was wrong), CEO Jared Kushner told the rival he was welcome to have a look at the company’s books under an NDA.

The rival turned him down, so the hat is safe. For now.

Mindset Digital seeks a social media manager/trainer. (Columbus, OH)
NewBay Media is looking for a senior editor. (Alexandria, VA)
MacKay & Sposito seeks a communications coordinator. (Vancouver, WA)
Crain Communications Inc is seeking a reporter. (Chicago, IL)
Marketplace is looking for a senior wealth and poverty reporter. (Los Angeles, CA)
The Economic Policy Institute seeks a graphic designer. (Washington, DC)
Meetings Focus is hiring a brand marketing specialist. (Cedar Rapids, IA)
AmazonCrossing wants a senior acquisitions editor. (Seattle, WA)
Spokeo needs a chief editor. (Pasadena, CA) seeks a managing editor. (New York, NY)

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