JMPR Now Rolling With Automotive Design Legend Chip Foose

JMPR is "Overhaulin'" the client roster.

We don’t often report on client signings because the merit of the contract is either emotional or subjective. Either way, it’s usually more important to the PR agency than the reading audience.

However, when you sign a client of this caliber, we can all rejoice with the agency. This time, we all applaud JMPR Public Relations and its AOR signing of Huntington Beach-based Foose Design, Inc

If you drool at the sight of a souped-up car, odds are you know Chip Foose. The man is an artistic genius who uses his creativity and imagination to create the most amazing modes of transportation (he does bikes too). His work has been on display for all in the Discovery / Velocity TV Series ‘Overhaulin.’

From the JMPR release:

President of Foose Design, Chip Foose, commented on the partnership, “I have a long-standing relationship with JMPR, and based on their experience and what they have managed to do for my team in the past, I know that they can clearly see my vision for Foose Design initiatives in 2016. I’m thrilled to work with them once again to fuse our passions.”

As AOR, JMPR will handle media relations for Foose Design and offer strategic brand building counsel, as well as position Foose’s expert awareness among the automotive, lifestyle and design communities.

In the meantime, the rest of JMPR’s automotive clients (and there are several) will be asking for autographs and remodeling tips.