It Was Just Revealed Snap Bought a Drones Startup, but That Doesn't Mean It's Getting Into Flying Robots

Acquisition simply could be about other kinds of hardware

Can drones wear video-recording sunglasses? Perhaps that’s a look we’ll see in the future—or not.

BuzzFeed News reported on Friday night that Snap bought Ctrl Me Robotics, a Los Angeles-based, drones-making startup. Variety then ran a story that said the acquisition occurred late last year. Both publications are characterizing the price tag as less than $1 million.

Some observers may see the revelation as a sign that Snap—the owner of mobile app Snapchat and video-recording sunglasses Spectacles—is getting into the drones game. But it’s more likely that the tech company wanted Ctrl Me founder and drone builder Simon Saito’s sheer expertise for all things hardware.

So, no, this probably isn’t a play to get Spectacles airborne as if they were GoPros.

The revelation does fortify Snap as serious about tactile technology and not just software. In other words, ideas like Spectacles are not just a passing fancy for CEO Evan Spiegel and his Venice, Calif.-based outfit.

Snap declined comment when contacted by Adweek.