iPhone OS 4.0 May Have Facebook Integration

There are still a lot of hidden details being revealed in Apple’s upcoming iPhone OS 4.0, and some of them might including deeper integration of Facebook. In particular, there seems to be evidence that Facebook events, contacts and possibly email will be handled at the iPhone User Accounts level.

Engadget dug through some some of the .plist code files from a jailbroken iPhone running OS 4.0 and found several supporting details including mention of “SocialKitInternal.framework,” which, as they mention, could allow other service integration. Facebook events could be integrated with Apple calendars, and there seems to be support for mail. Given that Facebook is working on its own real email client, Titan, it would also make sense for the iPhone OS to prep for that, though there is already enough Facebook user account data to warrant being integrated with Apple User Accounts, as Gunning For Safety says (yes, a nail gun safety blog).