Instagram Is Testing Creator Accounts for Influencers and Others

Will they be a better fit than standard business profiles?

This is what the new Creator Accounts being tested by Instagram look like. Instagram

Recognizing that traditional Instagram business profiles didn’t quite meet all the needs of influencers, public figures and other creators on the platform, the photo- and video-sharing network is now testing new Creator Accounts.

A small test group currently has access to creator-specific features like insights to help them track the growth of their accounts, including follows and unfollows, across the Instagram feed, Stories and IGTV. The insights will give them a clearer picture of their content’s performance.

Ryan Detert, CEO of artificial-intelligence-powered influencer marketplace Influential, said any move that lets creators share statistics with brands and lets those brands know what their audiences look like is beneficial, adding that currently, influencers who are not verified can only share data such as engagement with Stories by capturing screenshots.

Kamiu Lee, CEO of influencer marketing platform Activate, agreed, saying, “More tools to access growth insights are going to be a huge win on the side of influencers if done right. By being able to easily see statistics around follower growth, content creators will be able to better pinpoint content that’s resonating with viewers.”

Creator Accounts also include filters to manage Instagram Direct messages, enabling account holders to sort by read, unread and flagged as well as to prioritize pending requests by relevance or time.

Detert sees this new ability to organize communications as a positive, noting that influencers, particularly those with larger followings, tend to get bombarded with messages.

And optional labels will be available for Creator Account profiles, allowing them to provide contact information and to assign categories to their accounts.

Other than optional call-to-action buttons for calling or emailing, there will be no changes to how end users experience content from Creator Accounts.

“We’ve gotten feedback that existing tools around business profiles make it difficult to track creator follower growth and engagement over time, and that existing business tools weren’t designed with them in mind,” an Instagram spokesperson said. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.