Instagram Changes Wording on Questions Sticker After Suggestion on Twitter

Airbnb Experiences’ Musa Tariq proposed, 'How can I help?'

New verbiage for Instagram's questions sticker Instagram

Ask, and ye shall receive: A mere 12 hours after Airbnb Experiences global head of marketing Musa Tariq suggested changing the default text in Instagram’s questions sticker from, “Ask me a question,” to, “How can I help,” with the coronavirus pandemic in mind, the change was made.

Tariq said in a tweet Wednesday evening, “I have a small request, @instagram: How can we change the default text here from, “Ask me a question,” to, “How can I help?” Even just for one week. Changing four simple words would spread more kindness in the world than most of us could ever dream of.”

After quickly responding, “I like it,” just 12 hours later, head of Instagram Adam Mosseri said in another reply Thursday morning, “We love the idea of reframing the question to focus on others—so we just launched it right now. We’re hoping it’ll be a small way help people spread kindness and support.”

Instagrammers aren’t the only people feeling helpful, as the term, “how can I help,” has also been spiking sharply upward on Google Trends since March 8. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.