Instagram and Victoria’s Secret Dominate Social Fashion Chatter

In the lead up to New York Fashion Week, Instagram and Victoria's Secret were clear winners when it came to social media conversations about fashion.

In the run up to New York Fashion Week, and fashion weeks around the world, fashion brands have been experiencing a lot of engagement on social sites. An infographic from social analytics firm Engagor, provides insight into how fans are interacting with fashion brands on social networks.

Engagor monitored 8,029,810 interactions between December 29th 2014 and January 22nd 2015. The results? Among the social networks, Instagram beat out Facebook with 6.35 million brand mentions. Victoria’s Secret was the top brand with more than 3.49 mentions and two of the most popular hashtags.

Even with Victoria’s Secret’s popularity on social media, H&M mentions had the most positive sentiment with a ratio of 57 percent positive to 9 percent negative. Such positive sentiment is usually an indication of true brand engagement with users on social. Not only did H&M rank in the top three for engagement, it was also in the top three for response time on Twitter.

Check out the infographic below to see where mobile fit into the social chatter about fashion brands, as well as demographic data about where the chatter was taking place.

Engagor Fashion Infographic