Information Overload Causes Fatigue Among Smartphone Users (Infographic)

More connected users means more demand for information and a deluge of content vying for internet users' attention.

The Internet has connected humans to more information than ever. Between checking their phones dozens of times a day and constantly updating a stream of videos, text posts, photos, and articles can leave people feeling fatigued. An infographic from smartphone app developer Delvv examines the addiction to smartphones and apps.

Users have become incredibly reliant on smartphones in a short period of time. Delvv found that 85 percent of survey respondents said their smartphone was an integral part of the lives, and in a separate survey 91 percent said their smartphone was as important in their life as their car. Only 11 percent said they would be able to go a full day without reaching for their phone.

This increased use of smartphones has resulted in an increase in content vying for the attention of smartphone users. According to Delvv, 85 percent of respondents said they received up to 20 push notifications or messages per day, and 78 percent thought that at least half of these notifications were irrelevant to them. Overall, users are opting out of push notifications, and few respond to all of them.

Overall, app usage is up, even if notification interaction is down. Mobile app installs increased by 70 percent year-over-year in 2014, and messaging apps were among the top performers. Facebook Messenger has become more popular than the core app, with more than 700 million monthly active users, and 55 percent of millennial respondents said messaging push notifications are the most useful that they receive.

With the deluge of readily available information, effective targeting and useful content is the best way to reach an audience. Just avoid pestering users instead of providing value for them.

Delvv Drowning In Information Infographic