Infographic: Pokemon Go Could Be What Farmville Never Was—Successful

Here's how brands can catch ‘em all

It hasn't even been around for a full month and Pokemon Go has already changed the way marketers and advertisers are thinking about young consumers. The augmented reality (AR) mobile game that has been responsible for crashing servers (and cars) all over the world is poised to alter the entire advertising landscape. Boston-based ad agency Hill Holliday was quick to survey a large sample of the game's U.S. users to look for possible ways to get clients' in on the action. "Our survey shows that players will generally welcome brand sponsorship and integration options," said Hill Holliday's head of research Ilya Vedrashko. "If the economics are right, we will see a lot of demand from retailers happy to buy incremental foot traffic that will also likely come with a layer of instant analytics. This part is a no-brainer. Whether marketers' interest can be sustained over the long term depends on how Pokemon Go evolves."