Infographic: Brands Went All Out With In-App Ads Over Thanksgiving

As shoppers took to their smartphones

Every year, more and more people are opting to skip the long in-store lines that mark the holiday shopping season in favor of buying directly from their smartphones—and, as a result, advertisers' budgets are moving with them. Mobile distribution and monetization company IronSource tracked brand spend across the mobile app ecosystem during the Thanksgiving shopping period (specifically Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday) to find out just how advertisers are targeting consumers on their smartphones. "What was most striking about our findings was the increased role video played," said IronSource CMO and co-founder Omer Kaplan. "We know mobile video is the fastest-growing ad unit out there, and with video taking the lion's share of ads served this holiday weekend, it's clear that advertisers are going all-in on the format."