Infographic: 79% of March Madness Apps Can Track Your Location

Of the tested March Madness mobile apps, 68 percent are also capable of accessing the device’s text messaging functionality.

Software asset management company Flexera Software has released its latest mobile app risk assessment report, analyzing popular March Madness apps, and the access these apps may receive to features (and potentially information) on a user’s device once they’re downloaded.


Looking at 28 iOS apps, Flexera found 79 percent of the tested apps, including CBS Sports, Dish and Tournament Challenge, are capable of accessing a device’s location tracking functionality, and 71 percent of apps, including Daily Bracket and March Madness Live, are capable of accessing and sharing data with social networking sites connected to the device.

Of the tested apps, 68 percent are capable of accessing the device’s text messaging functionality, and 61 percent are capable of accessing the device’s calendar. In addition, 89 percent of the tested apps were found to support ad networks.

Flexera analyzed how these permissions may impact consumers who use their phones for business purposes. For instance, an app’s access to sharing features may allow users to inadvertently share ‘personal employee data or content’ to corporate social media accounts, if those accounts are linked to the device.

The report reads:

The device’s share feature gives users a convenient way to share content with other entities, such as social sharing websites or upload services. Employer-issued and BYOD devices may be linked to corporate social media and other accounts. If the share function on the device is accessed, personal employee data or content could inadvertently be shared to a corporate social media site. Some companies may have policies against allowing apps onto employer-issued or BYOD devices capable of accessing the share function.

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