Influencers: Instagram Is the Most Engaging Platform (Report)

While Snapchat is the new favorite platform, Instagram and Facebook are still considered the best platforms for engaging with social media audiences.

bloglovin_6b[2]Influencer marketing has come into its own this year, with marketers and influencers gaining a better understanding of the power it holds. However, many still find the market unclear, and more insight is always helpful. A report from Bloglovin, a media platform that connects influencers with audiences, examines current trends in influencer marketing and provides advice for marketers.

One major trend is the shift away from big celebrity bloggers, to micro-influencers, which Bloglovin defined as “mid-sized influencers, with dedicated, highly engaged followers. Nearly 60 percent of the 2,500 micr-influencers surveyed by Bloglovin said they felt that Instagram is most effective for engaging with audiences, while 18 percent think the same of Facebook.

Despite the high levels of interest in Snapchat from both marketers and brands, only 1 percent of the survey respondents favored it as a way to connect with audiences. However, 50 percent of respondents said Snapchat is their new favorite platform, so with increased investment, it could become an influencer destination.

One of the primary concerns among marketers is the cost associated with influencer campaigns, but according to the Bloglovin report, influencers are clear about their fees. 84 percent of respondents charged less than $250 per Instagram post, and almost all charged less than $500. Additionally 87 percent charge less than $500 per blog post, 90 percent charge less than $250 per Facebook post and the majority charge less than $150 per tweet.

For more insights, check out the full report.