IAB Establishes Digital Media Sales Certification

The Interactive Advertising Bureau introduced a Digital Media Sales Certification exam for salespeople. It’s intended for professionals in online media with two to five years of experience.

According to a piece on FINS, Michael Theodore, vice president of member services at IAB explained the significance of the new certification: “Just as with certificates in other fields, this exam will give current job holders and job seekers a score card to prove their understanding of the most important concepts, guidelines and practices in digital advertising.”

As for the exam itself, it sounds like it’s intended to test a broad understanding of digital platforms ranging from mobile, social, and display advertising. And as pointed out in the piece, 25 member companies in media and technology contributed to developing the test! This includes Conde Nast, Time Inc., and AOL to name a few.

Keep in mind the exam isn’t a requirement to get a job in this digital media sales, though it sounds like having it on a resume would certainly help.

Scott Schiller, executive vice president of digital media sales at NBCU’s entertainment & digital networks and integrated media division, indicated having the certification on a CV can boost a candidate’s prospects of consideration. He told FINS, “When I hire someone I look at what traits they have that make them qualified to sell advertising and this certification would mean another stripe on their resume. For the early adaptors it will signal their commitment to their jobs and as a result open doors.”

The first exam will be held on June 11 and will apparently take two hours to complete. As for the cost, it is $350 for IAB members and $450 for non-members. In order to qualify to take the exam, test takers must have worked in digital sales for at least two years or have obtained a degree in advertising or integrated marketing.