HP, Intel, Best Buy and Rossignol Hit The Slopes With New FB Game and Contest

It seems like just yesterday that upon launch of the Facebook Application Directory, the very few outspoken proponents of the new app world pondered when big brands would jump in to the space. Back then in 2007, one of the first big brand sponsorships ever announced was when HP decided to jump on board with the “Graffiti” application in late 2007. Well, they’re back again, this time with a snowboarding game.

The introduction video will have you as excited as you could possibly get about a Facebook applications. With a full production video introduction video shouting out the various moves within the game like “The BooyahIt’s a bit strange that they manage to squeeze in an advertisement for an HP laptop, but whatever. As the on-screen players holler in enjoyment, you’re also treated to some pretty impressive graphics of the game. It’s a pretty neat setup and certainly a step above the introductions for most Facebook Games (although Playfish is raising the bar with Gangster City).