How To Get Fans To Click Facebook's New 'Share' Link

Here's how to encourage fans to share your posts with their friends.

Your posts gain visibility as people forward your content to their friends.

Facebook news feed updates now display a “share” link that lets users repost that update to their friends.

Posts forwarded at least once display a tally of reshares next to a link labeled “view shares.”

That tally has a way of motivating people to read your post and forward it on, especially as the total number of reshares goes up.

The more shares you get, the more impact your marketing efforts have.

So you’ll want to ask people to share your posts but do so diplomatically to avoid annoying people.

Here are some examples of how to encourage people to share your posts:

  • Promote applications: “Check out the fun new game we’ve installed on our page and click share so your friends can play too.”
  • Shop at your store: “We just launched our new line of purses. Check them out here and click share to show them off to your friends.”
  • Tout your site: “We’re streaming a concert from our offices on our website. Click through to watch and hit share so your friends can hear this awesome new band.”
  • Sales: “Today only: two for one tee-shirts on our website. Click share and your friends will thank your for their cool new clothes.”
  • Giveaways: “You and your friends can get caffeinated together for free. All you have to do is click share on this link to get coupons for a free coffee at any of our stores”

Uses these strategies and soon you’ll see your messages traveling further across Facebook than ever before.

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