How to refine your audience when boosting a Facebook post


The Boost option on Facebook has come a long way since launch. With recent changes addressing concerns about targeting and low quality engagement, it’s now a viable option to quickly promote content.

However, some effort is still required if you want performance, so careful with simply clicking and forgetting.

Here’s how to customize your audience when using Boost Post:

Prerequisite: Check if the option to use Saved Target Groups created through the Power Editor are available for your page in the Boost Post feature of Individual Posts or not. Its available on select pages as of now.

1. Make a Saved Target Audience and Include your Custom Audiences and other demographic options through the Power Editor. You could create a Saved Target Audience for each Custom Audience you have.

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2. Click on Boost Post and choose the Saved Target Audience you want to use.
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The option to target people who like your Page and their friends still exists but it’s only visible to Pages with 50+ likes, as reach would be too small for fans and friends of fans if a Page has fewer than 50 likes.
Facebook talks about this a little in the help center. Previously, boosting just wasn’t available to these small pages at all.

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You can follow the following steps to use the previously called “People you choose through targeting” though

1. Scroll down and click on Create Audience
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2. Choose demographic and targeting audiences
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3. New audience with the name selected is created
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4. Click on Boost Post to boost the post and review the audience you are advertising to
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5. Once a new audience is created, it shows up as the default audience for all other posts on the page even if they are automatically posted from a 3rd party app

Special thanks to Gagandeep Gill for sending his notes on how to do this.

Top image courtesy of Shutterstock.