How To Make Internet Video Look Bad: #streamyfail 2010

After three very long hours of technical difficulties, uncouth Chatroulette jokes and a flood of #streamyfail tweets, the Streamy Awards finally came to a close tonight. Half the audience had already cleared out of the Orpheum Theater in downtown LA and hardly anyone was left watching the show’s live stream on Ustream. The show’s host, Paul Scheer, seemed to capture the mood perfectly with his closing comment, “Thank you ladies and gentlemen. If there was a Streamy Award for patience, you would win it.”

I thought that the Streamys were supposed to be “the most prestigious awards ceremony devoted to honoring the excellence in original web television programming and those who create it.” At least, that’s what it says on their website. But this awards show seemed to do just the opposite. It was chock full of off the cuff remarks about how nobody watches web series or has ever heard of the Streamys, how nobody knows who any of the people in the audience are and that there is no money in web television.