How To Get Tons Of Clicks On Facebook Ads: Images

Image quality accounts for about 70 percent of the clicks you get on a Facebook ad. Read on to learn how to select the best imagery.

If you’re using Facebook ads, it’s crucial that choose the perfect image. When done right, your ad will bring in a flood of clicks while decreasing your overall advertising cost. Ignore these guidelines and not only will the ads get less attention but they end up costing more.

It’s not unusual that the right image will help your click-through rate double or triple. And the wrong image can double or triple your cost per click! Not only will you be get less people to visit your page, you end up paying more! Unless you enjoy freely giving away your money to Facebook, you need to understand the best ad images to use.

You see, facebook ads works just like other pay per click platforms, such as Google Adwords. You place a bid on your ad and every time someone clicks, you pay some amount of money, usually ranging from 50 cents to $1.25. Your bid is the maximum amount you’re willing to pay and most of the time, you don’t actually end up paying your bid.

Why is having a good CTR important? The higher your CTR (i.e., the more people that click your ads), the lower your cost per click. For example, say that if your ad is shown 100 times and you get 12 clicks. Your CTR is 12 percent and your CPC ends up being, say 45 cents per click.

Using the same ad and targeting options, if you only get three clicks per 100 impressions (i.e., views), you have a CTR of three percent. Your CPC increases because your CTR went down, so you may end up paying 95 cents per click.

These are purely made up numbers used for the sake of this example. Just understand that when CTR goes down, CPC goes up.

So we want as many people click on our ads as possible, since this:

  1. Gets more people to visit our website or fan page
  2. Decreases our advertising cost

It’s a win-win.

One of the most effective ways to increase your clicks while decreasing your costs is to use the right image for our ad. Facebook is one of the only PPC platforms that allows you to do so and you can easily take advantage of this.

The image is responsible for roughly 70 percent of clicks. You need to choose an image that stands out, so you can grab their attention.

These are some image guidelines that have given myself and others great results:Use a picture of something slightly out of the ordinary, perhaps even something slightly disturbing – Your ultimate goal is to quickly capture the user’s attention.

  1. Use pictures of attractive, smiling woman and men :For ads that are shown to men, use an attractive woman. And vice versa for ads shown to women.
  2. Cleavage gets clicks: if relevant, try using an ad that includes an attractive woman with a bit of cleavage. Google and marketing companies have done studies on this. They’ve all concluded that ad images with cleavage produce the highest click through rates. we’re no longer allowed to use images that aren’t relevant to what we’re advertising.
  3. Choose real photos over stock images: A lot of people are turned off by stock photos because they look fake. After all, Facebook users are accustomed to seeing real pictures of their friends. So your ad images should have an amateur feel to them.
  4. Contrasting colors: Again, our goal with the image is to grab the user’s attention. We want our ad to stand out. If your ad includes colors that sharply contrasts with Facebook’s blue color scheme, you can be sure that users will notice it. For example, use a picture of someone in a grass field. The green will definitely stand out, allowing your ad to get noticed more and giving you more clicks.
  5. Red border: One clever technique is to add a thin red border to your ads. Red contrasts well with Facebook’s blue and will get users to notice your ad.
  6. For ideas and inspiration: Click here to check out what pictures other advertisers are using.
  7. Testing: Ultimately, the success of your Facebook ads campaign comes down to one thing — testing!

It’s actually super easy to set up a bunch of ads with various images to test. Facebook gives you the option of duplicating the ad, so all you have to do is change the image for each ad. The most time consuming part is searching for or designing your images.

After you have several images in mind and test them, you’ll find that one will give you a better CTR than the other ones. This is your winning ad image! This is the image to use for more clicks and lower costs.

Readers, which advertising images have captured your attention on Facebook?

Tony Thor is chief executive officer at SocialBrawn.

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