How to Get Facebook Users to Like Your Page: The First Step to Engagement

Managed correctly, your Facebook Page can quickly become your company’s second home on the web, both in how well it ranks on Google and the frequency with which it is visited by your customers and audience.

Because your customers are already on Facebook (spending on average  25-30 minutes each day on the site), they have a significantly higher chance of seeing your brand’s messages within their News Feed than they do of frequently re-visiting your website or any other medium on their own initiative.

As fans engage with your Page by commenting on, Liking or sharing content, awareness of your brand is extended to that person’s friends, helping you reach additional customers. Once users granted you permission to communicate to them by Liking your Page, you can continue to market to them ad infinitum, essentially for free.

In the following article, available in our Facebook Marketing Bible service, we go over how to reach users using the main two types of channels available for getting and re-engaging users through getting them to Like your Page:

  1. Paid – Likes are collected via an advertising campaign for the Page using Facebook Cost Per Click (CPC)
  2. Non-paid – Likes that occur through proactive means or naturally, which will refer to hereon in as organic

We also detail the following ten tips for getting non-Paid Likes:

  1. Get The Basics Right
  2. Secure Your Page’s Username
  3. Build A Customized Landing Page
  4. Incentivize the Like with Contests
  5. Install A Like Box On Your Website
  6. Leverage Your Database And Contacts
  7. Suggest Your Page To Existing Facebook Friends
  8. Promote Your Facebook Page Everywhere
  9. Don’t Ignore Your Biggest Fans
  10. Update, Listen And Engage

For example:

2. Secure Your Page’s Username

When your Facebook Page reaches 25 Likes, Facebook allows you to customize your Page’s username.

This is important for a number of reasons.

  • It reduces the size of the URL. The default URL for your Page on Facebook will be something like followed by a 15-digit number. A customized URL can be any number of characters after the Facebook URL – for example, is a customized URL. It’s far more elegant and quite a lot shorter, which is ideal for sharing your Page in emails, on websites, business cards, flyers, TV and radio ads, and so on.
  • It looks professional and provides a measure of authenticity to the first-time visitor.
  • A customized URL that matches your brand name will help with search engine optimization (SEO), and increase the likelihood that your Facebook Page will be a top search engine result for a search of your brand name.

Your Page username needs some thought – ideally it will be your business name if available, or a close variation thereof if not. When you customize your username the change to the URL is made immediately and seamlessly throughout Facebook, with no loss of existing fans, comments and Likes.

This is another reason why the use of CPC to generate immediate Likes is important for the new Facebook Page as it will allow you to quickly secure your customized username.

Warning: Please note that once set, your Page’s username cannot be changed or transferred. Be very mindful to avoid a typographical error.

The full article can be found in the Facebook Marketing Bible, Inside Network’s complete guide to marketing your brand using Facebook.