How Poor Website and App Performance Create “Digital Desertion”

Every second counts in today’s online world. Today’s online shoppers expect a greater level of website and app performance than they did three years ago. Slow rendering time and digital disappointment will often drive consumers to a competitor’s offerings. Consumer expectations have become more demanding and patience with poor performance has diminished.
Apica conducted a survey with research agency 3Gem in an effort to better understand consumers and how they’re interacting with websites and apps. We surveyed 2,500 web and app users in the U.S., U.K., and Sweden to understand their expectations regarding digital experiences as well as uncover what impacts their opinion of brands.
A key finding from the survey is that, on average, 83 percent of consumers in all markets are affected negatively by poor website or app performance. While around half of respondents say they lose patience and are somewhat negatively affected by page loading delays, over 35 percent of respondents say they abandon poor performing sites and apps quickly — often in 10 seconds or less.