How does Instagram video stack up with Vine?

When Instagram announced that it has added video capabilities, the natural conclusion was that Facebook was trying to steal some of Vine’s thunder.

Simply Measured, which has studied the way brands use Instagram, recently put together some statistics showing how companies used video on Instagram (in comparison with Twitter’s Vine) shortly after launch.

Some findings, studied among the Interbrand 100 from June 20 to 26:

  • Instagram videos are being used by twice as many brands, and more videos are being posted.
  • Instagram videos are seeing significantly higher (over 2X) engagement than Instagram photos, suggesting brands should focus more time and energy on them.

Simply Measured also put together a chart, comparing major companies on Instagram and Vine from that time frame. For Vine engagement statistics, Simply Measured use the amount of engagement on a Twitter post generated by a Vine video.

  • Some background for the chart:
    • Companies using Vine: Cisco Systems, Gillette, McDonald’s, Mercedes-Benz USA, MTV, Nissan, Xerox Corp.
    • Companies using Instagram Video: Ford, MTV, Disney, Intel, Cisco Systems, Avon, Burberry, Dell, eBay, Facebook, Gap, General Electric, Nike, Starbucks
    • Cisco and MTV were the only two brands to use both. Cisco led in Vine tweets, with 8.

Simply Measured also closely examined Lululemon, which earned praised for its early use of Instagram video. In the first week of video availability, Lululemon posted 3 videos to Instagram, with the engagement per post more than doubling its 14 photo posts. Its most popular post was the first video Lululemon posted, which gained 25,147 interactions across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

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