How Digital Media Could Help Decide the 2020 Election Winner

Going off what worked in the past isn’t a reliable tactic anymore

Four phones with Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Yang's photos coming out of each respective phone
Just because a tactic was effective two years ago doesn’t guarantee that it is equally viable today. Illustraition: Trent Joaquin; Source: Getty Images

Digital media is poised for a major role in the 2020 election season. While we all know that elections are decided based on numerous factors, no one can deny that messages conveyed to would-be voters via media (whether it’s paid, earned or owned) plays a major role in swaying the minds of the masses. Part of what is so significant about digital mediums is the ability of candidates and causes to sway a precisely targeted person by reaching them via tailored ad messages served at the right times in the right digital environments.

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Grace Briscoe is vice president of ad-tech platform Centro’s candidates and causes group.