How Brands Are Using AR to Engage Consumers and Measure Results

Ikea, Kate Spade, MTV and Patron bet on tech

As Apple, Facebook and Snapchat open augmented reality to the masses, brands like Ikea are cashing in on it. Animation: Yuliya Kim; Sources: Ikea

In the span of a few seconds, Patrón’s new augmented reality app creates a miniature hacienda on iPhones that replicates the distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, where the brand’s tequila is made—complete with a virtual bartender and a tiny agave field. At first glance, The Patrón Experience—one of many branded apps built using Apple’s recently launched ARKit platform—may seem like a gimmick, but Patrón has bigger plans for its latest mobile innovation. The spirits company wants to eventually turn augmented reality into an ecommerce platform of sorts by selling tequila through platforms like Amazon and alcohol-delivery site ReserveBar.

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