New Honda Video Campaign Asks "How Much Viral Can You Pack In A Honda Jazz?"

Honda Australia is taking the age-old question of “how many ____ can you fit in a phone booth” to the next level with an online viral video campaign that asks “How much ____ can you pack in a Jazz?” Honda joins the ranks of car companies that are using viral video to promote themselves on the web with this new Honda Jazz video campaign. So far the company has packed as much Hipster, Rap, Ninja and Massive as they could into the Jazz and garnered nearly 350,000 views in the first week.

Honda and Honda Australia have had a YouTube presence for a while, but have yet to launch a video campaign on the scale of Toyota’s Swagger Wagon, Volkswagen’s Fast Lane Campaign, Ford’s Fiesta Campaign or the Kia Soul dancing, rapping hamsters. This campaign has the potential to reach a wide audience, especially considering the fact that they are targeting everyone from hipsters to ninja fanatics, rap and YouTube fans, and bodybuilding fans.