Facebook Group Protests Loss of OSU's Hineysgate

I went to school at the University of Michigan, where there are some pretty die-hard sports fans (Go Blue!). That’s why I know all too well about the commitment our biggest rivals over at Ohio State have as sports fans. And one of their traditions, the Hineysgate, is being threatened, reports the Examiner, with OSU having purchased the land where Hineysgate takes place with plans to turn it into a dorm. Protests have popped up across the Internet, including social networking site Facebook, against Hineygate’s possible shut-down.

As a tailgating party, Hineygate is a long-standing tradition for the Buckeyes. But with OSU having purchased the nearby Lane Avenue Holiday Inn as part of a campus expansion and renovation project, there is concern that the hotel-turned-dorm will deter Hineygate and its traditions. The Holiday Inn serves as part of the stomping grounds for Hineygate as a favored venue.

The online petition, which calls for OSU to not convert the Holiday Inn into a dorm, has gained a good deal of momentum on Facebook alone. With over 1,000 members already having signed up, it’s clear that OSU students, alum and fans alike don’t want to see the Hineygate tradition die with the Lane Avenue Holiday Inn renovation. The petition requires 250 signatures, so seeing such activity on Facebook indicates the effect a social network can have on a university’s decision.