Here Are the Shows Coming Exclusively to Facebook Watch, Its New Original Video Hub

Publishers include Business Insider, ATTN, Hearst and more

Dozens of publishers and pages will create original content for Facebook's Watch platform. Getty Images
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Late Wednesday night, Facebook announced the roll-out of its TV-like programming slate for its new vertical called Watch, which will feature original shows from dozens of publishers and companies.

NASA, Mashable, MLB and more will produce episodic content for viewers to like, comment and keep up with. Facebook will also categorize videos that have already started conversations, like “What’s Making People Laugh” or “What Friends Are Watching.” Facebook hopes to produce around 40 original shows for Watch.

Below is the list of shows and publishers that have announced their programming commitments for Watch:


Health Hacks—Starring Jessica Alba, Health Hacks will focus on healthy living issues from diets to drinking habits.

We Need To Talk—Hosted by Catfish creator Nev Schulman and his wife Laura Perlongo, We Need To Talk is a relationship advice show for the digital world.

The Atlantic

Animalism—Ed Yong, a science writer for The Atlantic, will explain new discoveries in the animal kingdom.

Myths You Learn In School—This series will debunk errors in American lesson plans and dives into what it means to get a good education. Viewers can expect bright infographics and information on current issues.

Business Insider and Insider

Cool, But Does It Really Work?—Insider will investigate new viral inventions that have taken the internet by storm. From unspillable wine glasses to a humane spider catcher, Insider will test out these products in five minute episodes.

The Great Cheese Hunt—This series will be a “global quest to find the most delicious cheese dishes the world has to offer.” The first five episodes span three countries and five cities as Insider reporters seek out the cheese dishes that have captivated its digital audience already.

Science the Sh*t Out Of It—With weekly episodes of three to four minutes, this is a Mythbusters-meets-Brain Teasers type show. Each episode tackles a key question of everyday life: Is coffee good for you, how much sleep is enough, will sitting all day really kill you and others.

Rising Stars with Neil deGrasse Tyson—In collaboration with StarTalk Radio, Rising Stars is a one-on-one interview series hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson that focuses on the young generation of leaders in innovation and tech.

Condé Nast Entertainment

Virtually Dating—A five-episode series from CNE’s The Scene, Virtually Dating will premiere later this month. Two people are set up on a blind date that takes place entirely in virtual reality.

Discovery Communications

Celebrity Animal Encounters—From Animal Planet, this show will feature celebrities like Kristen Bell, Fabio, and Justin Hartley as they share their personal stories with loveable, crazy, shocking and hilarious animals. These five animated stories are produced by Asylum Entertainment.

Still a Mystery—Each episode of this limited series, from Investigation Discovery, will re-examine a single crime that still has unanswered questions. Through original interviews with law enforcement, family members and private investigators, and featuring social media activity and news footage, this show will present evidence and new theories.

Say Yes to the Dress—A spinoff of the popular franchise on TLC, this original series features brides that are surprised at designer trunk shows and treated to the ultimate bridal experience with expert help.

The Dodo

Comeback Kids: Animal Edition—Viewers will see determined animals facing difficult conditions or challenges and the people who refuse to give up on them. Each episode features one animal’s rescue and rehabilitation journey.

Pet Parent Lifehacks—This weekly series shows tips and tricks for pet parents in order to keep their pets healthy and happy.

Party Animals—Another documentary series that celebrates senior animals who have reached significant milestones in their lives, from “bark mitzvahs” to “cat-quinceañeras.”

Gabby Bernstein

A New York Times bestselling author, motivational speaker and life coach will use recorded and live episodes to connect with fans and answer their burning questions.


Daily Refresh—Viewers will see trending moments, stories and news.

Wiki What?—Hosted by comedian and Emmy Award winner Josh Gondelman, Wiki What? will have celebrities go through their Wikipedia pages to review what’s on there. Guests will include T.J. Miller, Kate Upton, Danny McBride and others.

Untangled—Untangled is a science show that “celebrates the undeniable satisfaction of watching visual organization in a world of chaos.” It’s for fans of symmetry, patterns and a sense of order in the world.


IGN Expert Mode—Part interview, part “let’s play,” this show will feature gaming visionaries playing fan favorite video games while providing commentary and insights.

Every…Ever—Here’s a deep dive into some of gaming’s most iconic games, characters and franchises. Each episode will feature expert analysis, comprehensive timelines and surprise narrations.

Next Big Game—This show will provide an inside look at the studios and artists working on the biggest games in the world as they prepare for launch. Fans will see exclusive gameplay reveals and development secrets.

IGN Brick Battles—A stop-motion animation series bringing the worlds of TV and video game franchises together in a unique way.

Best. Game. Ever.—Entertainers, athletes, comedians and creators give their opinions on their all-time favorite video games. This show will celebrate the best games ever and will help show fans that their love of video games is universal.

Cosplay Makeover—Watch as a passionate fan gets surprised with a once-in-a-lifetime cosplay makeover experience. With professional makeup artists, designers and costumers, the show documents the transformation from home grown superfan into the ultimate character.


Titletown TX—Fans of Friday Night Lights will enjoy this show. This series will show the story of the 2016 Aledo Bearcats and their journey toward a sixth state high school football title in eight years.

Mike Rowe

Returning the Favor—Mike Rowe, the former host of Dirty Jobs, will spotlight people doing something extraordinary for their communities. In return, Rowe does something extraordinary for them. Rowe’s fans can nominate people for the series through his Facebook page.


Each week, MLB will stream a game through Facebook Watch.

MLS and Univision Deportes

Look for live MLS games in partnership with Univision.


Science @ NASA—In each four- to five-minute episode, NASA will explain a singular science topic in an understandable way.

Nas Daily

Nas quit his day job to start creating daily video content; in this new series, he will work with his millions of fans to create unique daily videos for Watch.

Nitro Circus

Mic’d Up—This will show what it takes to be a Nitro Circus rider; think extreme dirtbike riding and other extreme activities. Mic’d Up will show viewers a new perspective as they both watch the action and listen to the thoughts of world class riders as they get ready to perform some of the toughest action sports tricks in the world.


Apocalypse NowThis—How will the world end one day? This multi-part series examines the different ways in which life as we know it could be wiped out and if there’s anything we can do to slow the disaster down.

Getting Doug With High—An irreverent celebrity”interview” series created in partnership with Jash, a comedy community created by Michael Cera, Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, Sarah Silverman and Reggie Watts.

Who Is…—A weekly multi-part miniseries narrated by top celebrities that explores the people behind President Donald Trump and what their histories are like.


Machines With Brains—This series will follow people who are navigating industries where machines have brainpower. Episodes will range in length from four to 10 minutes and will focus on how robots and AI machines are becoming more widely used within homes and industries.

Because Science—With a unique blend of “striking footage and meticulously-wrought animation,” Because Science will attempt to make sense of the world around us. Viewers will learn how a figure skater nails their hardest moves or why mosquitoes are actually terrible at flying, as well as many other topics.


Wild Sex—With the help of fun animations, this weekly show is all about where, why and how wild animals mate and make love.

Focal Point—A weekly doc-series that will take viewers to unique places around the world and meet curious people who are helping change the way we see and perceive our planet, universe and more.

How Close Are We?—This series is a comprehensive look at how close we are to solving science’s biggest mysteries and challenges.


Kitchen Little—Kids will watch a how-to video for a recipe and then attempt to explain that recipe to a professional chef. Each episode has a new recipe and cooking partnership, and it doesn’t always go as planned. Look for chefs Curtis Stone, Richard Blais, and many more.

Struggle Meals—Based on the titular hashtag, Struggle Meals is a cooking show with a low, low budget. Contestants will have to make easy meals that cost only $2 per serving.

Move In Day—Watch folks unbox their stuff, and feelings, on one of the most stressful days of their lives: move-in day. This series marks a first for Tastemade as both a reality series and in the home/lifestyle category.

Safe Deposit—A home remodeling show, hosted by Tastemade personality Megan Mitchell, that shows viewers how to personalize the home you’re renting without putting your security deposit at risk.

Let’s Taco Bout It—An animated series hosted by Tomas Taco, this show interviews actors all while making many food puns. Guests so far include Stephanie Beatriz from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Ravi Patel from Meet the Patels, Hudson Yang from Fresh Off The Boat and others.

Food to Die For—In this documentary-style series, viewers will explore the stories behind people who put their lives at risk to put food on our plates. Hosts will travel around the world to meet the courageous people who forage for ingredients that others pay highly for. Upcoming episodes include going to Tasmania to meet abalone divers, visiting western Australia to see how barramundi are caught, Spain to see the collection of gooseneck barnacles and many other locations.


Thrillist Investigates—An animated series from Thrillist, this will take viewers on deep dives into burning questions like who invented pot brownies, or how did hip hop and malt liquor start to go together?

Job Goals—Meet people whose jobs will totally make you jealous, from marijuana critics to ice cream flavor inventors. Every week, Job Goals will show you the jobs you wish you had.


This list will be updated as Adweek learns more information. If you’re a publisher not currently listed here, or you have updated information about your Watch show, please email

@samimain Sami Main is social editor for Adweek, where she posts Adweek content onto social platforms and looks for creative ways to communicate what's new.