Google Rolls Out New Tools for Publishers

DoubleClick services get updates

Today on the official Google blog, VP of display advertising Neal Mohan announced the launch of two new tools aimed at helping publishers manage ads and maximize revenue.

“Before now, it’s been difficult for publishers to manage all their video and mobile ad space from a single ad server—the platform publishers use to schedule, measure, and run the ads they’ve sold on their sites,” Monan wrote. To solve that problem, he said, Google is rolling out a new version of its DoubleClick for Publishers platform that will allow publishers to manage all of their ads from one dashboard, and track their performance.

Google has already been testing the new DoubleClick dashboard with a handful of publishers, and is reporting 55 percent month-over-month growth in video ad volume in the last quarter as a result. “In other words, publishers are now able not only to produce more video content, but to make more money from it as well,” said Monan.

The company’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange is also getting an update. The new Direct Deals tool will allow publishers to make “first look” offers to specific buyers at a certain price before putting ads on the exchange. “For example,” wrote Monan, “using Direct Deals, a news publisher could set aside all of the ad space on their sports page and offer it first to a select group of buyers at a specific price, and then if those buyers pass on the offer, automatically place that inventory into the Ad Exchange’s auction.”

@adweekemma Emma Bazilian is Adweek's features editor.