Google Celebrates Comic Author Will Eisner’s Birthday

Google celebrated the late Will Eisner’s birthday this weekend with a Google Doodle, dedicated to the legendary comic author. Artist Mike Dutton drew the above homage to Eisner, in which the ‘oo’s in Google have been replaced by the eyes of one of Eisner’s most famous characters named “The Spirit”, aka Denny Colt, a crime fighting detective.

Comic artist Scott McCloud wrote an official post on Google’s blog honoring Eisner. In the post, he talks about how influential Eisner was in American comics in the 20th century. Here is more from the post: “Eisner influenced comics in dozens of ways. In the ‘40s, Eisner’s The Spirit—a seven-page newspaper feature—introduced an arsenal of visual storytelling techniques still used generations later, and provided an early testing ground for future comics stars including Jack Kirby and Jules Feiffer.”

McCloud recalls that when Eisner had an industry award named after him, things got funny when he, himself, was up for it. “Inevitably, the prospect loomed that Will Eisner himself might win an ‘Eisner Award’ leading to some awkward choices; Hall of Fame, maybe? Lifetime Achievement? His only suggestion was ‘Most Promising Young Cartoonist.’ And so he was.”