Glu Mobile Brings Kim Kardashian: Hollywood to Facebook

Glu Mobile has announced the launch of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood on Facebook. The game was originally released on mobile, and has held high positions on the Top Grossing App chart on iTunes since its launch in late June. In the game, players go from being a nobody to a superstar by completing quests, going on dates, having photo shoots, managing their social media presence and more to please fans and other characters, including Kim Kardashian West herself.

This Facebook release sees players clicking and dragging their mouse to move around environments. Players can furnish their apartments with new furniture pieces, can purchase pets with premium currency, and can keep their character in the hottest fashions, which continue to unlock as players complete quests and level up.

With this release, players can take their existing (or new) romances to a new level in the game by planning a dream wedding in Florence, Italy. Users can pick out a dress or tuxedo, choose a ring and more.

Additional updates include new clothing and other in-game items, as well as the ability to complete new quests with your spouse. Players receive free gifts for logging into the game on Facebook or mobile, and will eventually start receiving video messages from Kim herself.

“I really enjoy engaging with my fans through Facebook and Instagram, that’s why I’m so excited that Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is now available on Facebook,” said Kim Kardashian West, in a statement. “I continue to be so proud of this project and hope my fans enjoy the fun updates coming soon!”

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is available to play for free on Facebook. It’s also available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.