Glamour Magazine Using Social SnapTags to Connect Readers to Brands on Facebook & Twitter

If you look at the lower left corner of the cover of the September issue of Glamour magazine, you’ll see the familiar Facebook logo surrounded by two circles. That is an example of a Social SnapTag. Many more Social SnapTags from more than two dozen advertisers are found inside of the covers of the magazine. Zappos, GAP, Lancome, Nivea, Skinny Cow, Dr. Scholls, and HTC are among the companies participating in the attempt to bring together the world of traditional print media and social networking. Using either a free Android or iPhone app to scan these images takes the phone’s user to the advertising company’s Twitter or Facebook stream for more interaction which can include more information, special offers and even the possibility to win prizes like free shipping for life or travel. One way to be considered for a prize involves following a SnapTag to a vendor’s Facebook page and liking the brand.

While Bar Codes and QR Codes requires smartphones running special apps, SnapTags can also be processed by feature phones that do not have SnapTag’s software. A photo taken by a feature phone can be sent via MMS or email to a service that will process the information and send it to the originator. You can see a large example of a SnapTag to the left.