Get Comfortable With Using and Creating Visual Content

No need to reinvent the wheel: Start with imitation and experimentation and over time, your unique style will emerge.

Visual content has become the core of the social media marketing package. However, any marketer starting out or trying to modify their previous strategy may have trouble adjusting to the new fundamentals. A new e-book from visual media creation platform Venngage provides a road map for creating engaging visuals, no matter the platform.

The first major step in establishing a bank of visual content is to settle on a style, according to Venngage. And once you decide on a strategy or goal for the campaign–such as targeting a particular demographic or capturing views within a certain industry–you might seek inspiration from other successful campaigns. Consistent fonts, color palettes and other signifiers like logos can become hallmarks, but experimentation is necessary in the early stages.

The e-book notes:

Your goal should not be to invent an entirely new technique. Instead, start off by looking for inspiration, experimenting with existing styles and then adding your brand voice. As you continue doing this, you will see your own unique style emerge.

Given the sheer number of visuals online, from GIFs and video to infographics and charts, it can be difficult to zero in on an ideal strategy. Each platform has its own quirks, and each audience will respond differently depending on the context of your content and its presentation.

For more in depth information download the e-book.