Gatorade Launches Snapchat Video Game Ad Serena Williams’ Match Point

Gatorade released a playable video game ad on Snapchat celebrating the career of tennis star Serena Williams.

Gatorade released a playable video game ad on Snapchat celebrating the career of tennis star Serena Williams. The game is called Serena Williams’ Match Point, and it can be played within the ESPN Discover channel on Snapchat.

The game includes 22 levels of tennis, with each level representing one of the 22 Grand Slam singles titles Williams has won in her career. In each level, players attempt to win the “match point” of one of those matches.

Serena Williams' Match Point Screenshots

In each level, users can tap to serve the ball, and they can tap on the left and right sides of the screen to return the ball to the left and right sides of the court. Users have three chances to win a match point before they fail a level. Players will unlock progress checkpoints as they complete certain matches.

In addition to being available on Snapchat, Serena Williams’ Match Point can also be played in a browser on desktop and mobile.

Gatorade said level 23 of the game will unlock Sept. 10–the day of the U.S. Open women’s finals–if Williams wins the title.

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Featured image courtesy of Gatorade.