Foursquare Partners With Crain's Chicago To Provide Restaurant Reviews

This afternoon, Crain’s Chicago announced a first-of-its-kind partnership with the rapidly growing Foursquare location service, to provide “inside tips” on local restaurants when users check in to a reviewed restaurant, or a nearby establishment. For example, when a user checks in to the restaurant “Trader Vics”, they’ll receive a tip which states “The unusual wok-fried lamb ($25) caught our eye, sliced meat with shiso leaf, watercress, apricots and pine nuts.”

While this is the first type of partnership we’ve seen for Foursquare, we could imagine numerous other implementations of tips powered by larger review companies. The benefit for Crain’s is that they can send users branded tips in order to build awareness of their service. While we don’t know how much this partnership with Foursquare cost Crains, we would guess that the company will be charged based on the number of sponsored check-in tips that appear.