Fortune’s Dan Primack Is Headed to the VandeHei Venture

Thanks to Mike Allen's "persistence."

When some specific detail emerged in September about Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen‘s new venture, it included plans for dozens of new hires in time for the early 2017 launch.

One of those news hires is Dan Primack, a senior editor at Fortune who covers venture capital and is the author of popular newsletter Term Sheet. Primack’s decision, as he explained to Recode’s Kara Swisher, is owed to Allen’s “persistence,” in convincing Primack to join the startup.

Primack’s role is as yet not fully defined, but he will be covering tech and business, likely in multiple modes.

After Recode broke the news, Primack informed his own newsletter readers. “You might already have read about it earlier this morning, in a journalistic piece of karma,” he wrote, referring to the fact that it was he that broke the news that AllThingsD was closing. Swisher was co-editor at the time. He continued:

I’m joining a nascent media startup whose co-founders include Jim VandeHei (co-founder of Politico) and Mike Allen (creator of Politico’s Playbook newsletter, which makes him one of the world’s few people who understand my daily schedule). And yes, it’s backed by a host of venture capitalists and angels, which will add some degrees of conflict difficulty that I’ll discuss at a later time in a different venue (Hi Steve Rattner – seriously, can you believe this?).

In short: I’ve decided that this is an adventure worth pursuing.