Flirting Network Gains Viral Momentum Thanks To Bored College Kids has been turning heads recently as students have turned to this social network for flirts to help stimy exam prep boredom. The website spread quickly throughout college campuses thanks to the same strategy that helped Facebook explode on the scene some four years ago.

The last thing most people probably want to hear about is another social network. And yet this three person, six-week old startup known as has spread virally with the social media savvy college crowd and has tech startup watchers taking notice. The social network is a so called “flirting-facilitator platform” that gives users the ability compliment and chat about one another, essentially adopting the idea Craigslist missed connections but giving it social media twist. Flirters can follow specific locations like dorms and libraries and the company encourages users to self-monitor the site for anything abusive to maintain a positive environment.