Flipboard Has 20 Million Users

Amid possible Twitter API concerns, company says it's doing well

Flipboard has come a long way in just two years. Only hours after its launch in July 2010, the app experienced problems syncing to Facebook and Twitter, resulting in an emergency update and a few apologetic tweets.

But, according to a blog post today marking its two-year anniversary, Flipboard said it now has 20 million registered users, putting it on par size-wise with platforms like Spotify, which broke the 20 million mark in May. The company did not explicitly state how many of these users are active, but noted that the platform has 1.5 million daily users generating three billion "flips" per month. Perhaps the most interesting statistic is the rate of growth the company is experiencing, with Flipboard boasting one new user every second.

But as Adweek reported earlier this month, Flipboard may see some roadblocks on the horizon as it navigates Twitter API changes recently put in place by the social network. Twitter, along with Facebook, has been a crucial content stream for the reader platform and while a Flipboard representative said that Twitter's changes shouldn't affect the company, the relationship between the two is still thought to be precarious.