First Facebook Ad Network Launches

There had been rumors about companies scrambling to make a Facebook ad network for applications. The 30Boxes team has gone and launched the first in application ad network. Their application integrates a link exchange and an ad network where outside advertisers can place promotions at the top of applications. I had previously tried to get a comment out of Facebook about whether or not they would permit other companies to develop ad networks but was unsuccessful at getting a response. There is a rumor that Facebook is currently working on their own in application ad network but no word on a launch date. The fbExchange application is pretty clean and integrates smoothly into applications. It just adds a small grey box at the top of any application and has a single text link. While I have yet to interact with the back-end of the fbExchange, I’m sure it is well made based on other 30Boxes applications. If you have an application and want to be a beta tester or are a top brand looking for new advertising opportunities, go check out the fbExchange.